Clinton Callahan

>> founder of Possibility Management  <<

My Name is Clinton Callahan and I’ve written a couple of books and I’ve designed a couple trainings, ETB and PM LABs, and I am the co-founder of the Next Culture Research and Trainings Center, which the main office is in Germany.

I studied Physics in School and I had my own Computer and Electronics-Company for a few years until my life fell apart, accidentally, and I discovered my true profession which was to be a memetic engineer, this was in about 1990. I completely changed professions and since than I’ve been developing upgraded thoughtware for human beeings.

Feelings are a very human and naturally organic resource that human beings have as a fuel source for bringing our archetypal lineage, our true calling into the world. Feelings are not recognized by modern culture for what they authentically are. And through our research for the past 40 years we have discovered how simple it is to tap into and make use of this immense inner resource for our daily life and making it full of energy, clarity and possibility.

As soon as a person starts wanting to be himself and starts communicating with another person about that, the communication contains to aspects, one is the information of the communication and one is the energy, the carry away of the information. The carry away of every communication is feelings. So it’s so important to understand the basic mechanics of how feelings work, so that you can communicate in your relationships, that love can happen.

What we have discovered that there are actually simply, basically 4 feelings that a human being can experience and express. And these are, you would call them, like the 4 basic colors, red, green, blue and yellow, these are the 4 basic feelings anger, saddnes, fear and joy. Out of those 4 feelings you can mix together the entire spectrum of human experience and emotions and paint it together… but if you don’t know the 4 basic feelings, you can have lost in an arch form of human loving relationships. So that’s why they are so important.


And as soon as you start to enter the territory of understand feeling there is realy important to make distinctions to navigate this huge territory. For example there is an distinction between what you could call feelings and what you call emotions. This distinction is easy to distinguish because even though feelings and emotions are both feel like anger, sadness, fear and joy or mixed feelings, in fact if the feelings experience lasts longer than about 3min it is not a feeling, it is an emotion, which means that the source comes from somebody else, from the past or comes from your gremlin. So the gremlin is simply the shadow world part of yourself that has a hidden purpose. That is not necessarily responsible.

So these three sources of emotions, ones you can distinguish these experiencely you have a whole another level of ability to navigate the realm of feelings and in communication with people, being in relationship with people. Ask your question again…

Because of the thoughtware that we are inherit from our parents and modern culture we tent to regard feelings as mostly negative. Anger is bad, sadness is bad, fear is bad. We’ve been trained since birth to really suppress our feelings and not use them in our life. When you do that, there are many many side effects that can actually harm our health. I am not a doctor, yet at the same time people come to our trainings with physical ailments and when we work processes through with emotional body and they are no longer suppressing or mixing certain feelings