(M)eine Kreisgeschichte(n)

[M]eine Kreisgeschichte (19)

Nach einem halbstündigen Einparkmanöver war es gelungen den Bus zu parken, ohne den kompletten Ortsverkehr lahm zu legen.

In besonders stressigen Situationen pflegte ich besonders viel zu Rauchen. An dieser Stelle empfand ich es allerdings als sinnvoll, bei der ersten Begegnung mit einem strengen Anti-Raucher, nicht nach frischem Zigarettenrauch zu riechen. Diesen Zustand konnte ich bis ungefähr 10 Minuten nach der Drehbesprechung und Begrüßung mit den Callahans aufrechterhalten.

Während die Jungs das Set aufbauten nutzte ich die Zeit um mich, in der linken Hand eine Zigarette, in der Rechten den Zettel mit den Interviewfragen auf eben Selbiges vorzubereiten.

C. Callahan: „Feelings are a very human and organic resource that human beings have as a fuel source for bringing our archetypal lineage, our true calling into the world.”

„What we have discovered is that there are actually simply basically four feelings that a human being can experience and express. And these are, you would call them the four, like the four basic colors, red, green, blue and yellow.

These are the four basic feelings, anger, sadness, fear and joy. And out of those four feelings you can mix together the entire spectrum of human experience of emotions and paint it together with…But if you don`t know the four basic feelings you are kind of lost in an arch form of human loving relationships. So that`s why they are so important.”

„So, for example there is a distinction between what you could call feelings and what you call emotions. And the distinction is easy to distinguish because even though feelings and emotions are both feel like anger, sadness, fear or joy or mixed feelings. In fact, if the feeling lasts longer then about three minutes it`s not a feeling. It`s an emotion.”

“The carrier way of every communication is feelings. And so, it`s so important to understand the basic mechanics of how feelings work. So that you can communicate in your relationships. So that love can happen.”

„When you come together in a circle one of the benefits is that there is a manifold direction of input. So, there can be intelligence from various-different sources.”

„Part of the basic understanding how human beings should come together and work together as we were told by modern culture has to do with the pyramid structure, the hierarchical structure of who is the boss, where is my place? To take this pyramid and expand its dimensions so that in fact it goes all the way around. You have all-of-a-sudden, a circle. You actually-have a galaxy. You have a galaxy of possibilities that were before restricted to a linear power-flow. In the galaxy in the circle, you have interplay of relationships that are possible at different levels. And the thing about a circle is so great. Is, in comparison with a pyramid where there is limited room at the top. You have-to fight to get to the top-positions. There is limited room at the top. In a circle there is unlimited room at the top. Because anybody who can take responsibility to source a project, can run the project. And the circle simply gets bigger. That`s all. So, there is no competition anymore for the high power-positions. Because, every position is a high-power position.”